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Psychometric Profiling

Psychometric profiling is widely used as a personal assessment and awareness resource with a goal to improve teamwork, communication and productivity within the workplace. Profiles identifies key strengths and development areas, as well as exploring the incentives that lay beneath their behaviours and decision-making processes.

Psychometric profiling is undertaken by completing an individual questionnaire. When the questionnaire is completed, the individual’s answers are then compared with the answers of other individuals, all of which are collated in a systematic database.

We use Psychometric Profiling for a number of different purposes such as:

  • career development
  • conflict management
  • leadership development
  • recruitment and selection
  • personality assessment and
  • team development.

Positive Success is independent of any Test Publisher, so we can recommend and administer the most suitable assessment for your needs.

Positive Success offers a number of assessments for a wide variety of clientele.  Please contact us at for more information.